Monday, 13 June 2016


Kolam is our traditional way of express their views through this drawing. It is a kind of art, when we have continuous practice we can make perfect kolam of all varieties. Varieties are pulli kolam, rangoli.Every morning women put kolam in tamilnadu on the ground with rice flour.

Rangoli kolam
12 pulli 8 varai poo kolam 

15 pulli 8 varai kolam

13 pulli 7 varai kolam

15 pulli 8 varai poo kolam

15 pulli 15 Butterfly kolam

17 pulli 9 varai poo kolam

21 pulli 1 varai poo kolam

18 pulli 6 rows 6 varai poo kolam

18 pulli 10 varai poo kolam


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